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Human skeleton found at Friars Bay

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – The skeletal remains of what appeared to be that of a human was found yesterday (14 October) at South Friars Bay in the vicinity of Shipwreck Beach Bar and Grill.

The Independent contacted Police Press and Public Information Officer, Inspector Lincoln David, who confirmed that skeletal remains were indeed found and that the Police are investigating the matter and would issue a subsequent press release.

A press release was later issued by the Police on Monday morning.

“On Sunday 14th October 2012 during the storm,officers of Frigate Bay Police Station, CID, and Crime Scene Unit responded to a report at Friar's Bay, South East Peninsula that a partial skull and partial rib cage were washed ashore. The remains were taken into police custody by CRO for further analysis,” the release stated.

Last year (25 January 2011), the skeletal remains of a human were discovered at a construction site in West Farm just east of the Ross University School of Medicine.  Workers at the construction site unearthed a skull and other skeletal parts while preparing the foundation of a building.

Meanwhile, this latest find has caused many people to speculate about the identity of the skeletal remains.

In the past four years some four persons have gone missing.  They include Kasim ‘Dula’ Maynard of Pond’s Extension, St. Kitts; Keita Williams, of Newtown, St. Kitts; Dylon Clarke of Church Ground, Nevis; and Kevaughn Pemberton of Old Road, St. Kitts.

Maynard and Williams were alleged to have disappeared at sea on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 by Collin ‘Izum’ Matthew who claimed that the two men and himself were fishing near Canoe Bay at the South East Peninsular when their boat, FV LADY SEA, was struck by a wave and capsized.  The bodies of the two men were never recovered despite an extensive search by the Police, Coast Guard, family and friends.

Matthew subsequently died at the JNF Hospital on 2nd March 2008 after receiving multiple gunshot wounds to the body by an unknown assailant(s).

Later reports that Williams was seen in Cayon were never confirmed.

Seventeen-year-old Dylon Clarke of Nevis went missing on Saturday, April 28, 2012.  A massive search was conducted by local security forces, the Nevis Disaster Management Department, the US Virgin Islands Police Department, and family and friends but with no success.

Twenty-three-year-old Kevaughn Pemberton went missing on 18 June, 2012, after leaving his sister’s home at Hermitage Road, Old Road at about 9:30 that evening.

Two brothers, Keithroy and Kenrick Phillip of Stone Fort Estate in Challengers, were later arrested and charged with Pemberton’s murder.

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